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Pristine Roof Maintenance offer a range of roof and gutter repair, maintenance, and replacement services, designed to breathe new life into your roof and gutters and restore them to their former glory.

Reliable roofing and guttering repairs and maintenance, guaranteed.

Roof and guttering maintenance and repairs are jobs that are often neglected, until there’s an obvious problem, such as a leaking roof, overflowing or rusted gutters, or blocked sumps and downpipes.

Having well-maintained roofing and guttering doesn’t just improve the look of your home and increase its value, it is one of the most important factors in protecting you and your home from the elements.

Let’s not forget that, these days, our roof is the all-important base for solar panels – a feature that is likely to become a frequent addition to many roofs in the coming years. That base needs to be solid, clean and in excellent condition, to minimize potential issues that may require the removal of panels to perform roof repair and maintenance.

Service you can rely on for every roof and every gutter, every time.

We can maintain and repair all types of roofs and gutters – regardless of the type of roofing material, roof profile, or guttering your home has; no what type of maintenance your roof or guttering requires. Our skilled tradesmen can inspect your roof, provide a safe and workable solution, and deliver a high-quality service with a great result.

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Your ridge caps help to hold your roof tiles together and keep your roof sealed but, over time, the mortar that holds the ridge tiles in place can begin to break down. This can allow the ridge cap and roof tiles to loosen and move, and this movement can create cracks and holes in the mortar that allow water to seep into the roof cavity where it can cause serious and costly damage to your home’s interior.

Let us take care of ridge cap repointing problems. Our experienced tradesmen can expertly repair your ridge caps and have your pointing looking picture perfect in no time.



Your roof valleys are also prone to collecting leaf litter, which can impede the flow of water off your roof and cause damage to your roof valley. This damage can result in leaks in your roof that can cause water to seep into your roof cavity where it can cause serious and costly damage.

Contact Pristine Roof Maintenance and let us handle all your roof valley repair and maintenance tasks – we can clean your valleys and gutters to remove debris, and repair or replace damaged roof valleys.



Leaf litter collected in your gutters can be carried to your sumps and downpipes, causing them to clog, leak, overflow, rust, or corrode. When your downpipes become blocked or damaged, they are unable to channel rainwater into your storm water drains and away from your home. This can lead to pooling of water around the base of your home or can cause water to flow back into your home’s eaves or roof cavity.

Pristine Roof Maintenance can clean the debris from the mouth of your downpipe sand sumps, install gutter guard to stop your downpipes from becoming clogged, and flush your downpipes to clear any blockages within the pipe or at its base. We also specialize in repairing and replacing damaged downpipes, so whatever your downpipes need we can help.



In our experience, gutters rarely get the attention they deserve. Your guttering serves an incredibly important purpose: it is designed to collect all the rainwater from your roof, channel it to your downpipes and funnel it into your storm water drain. Unfortunately, if they’re not properly maintained, they can also collect dirt and leaf litter that can cause your gutter to overflow or can damage your guttering and cause it to corrode and rust.

Let Pristine Roof Maintenance handle your gutter issues. We can clean out your gutters, install gutter guard to prevent them from collecting debris, and make any repairs you need –we can even install new guttering.