Downpipe repair and replacement

Our Downpipes

 Are an essential component of your roof’s plumbing and, without them, your guttering isn’t complete. Downpipes are designed to funnel all the water collected in your gutters away from your home and into the stormwater drain. Realistically, without downpipes, there’s little point in having gutters!

We’re not suggesting that doing away with your gutters and downpipes is a viable option though! Quite the opposite, in fact. They are integral to the safety and comfort of your home, and they need to be taken good care of.


The down-low on downpipes

Properly functioning downpipes help to stop the water collected in your gutters from flowing over the lip of the utter, or gushing from your gutter outlet onto the ground, which could be disastrous for your home. Water pooling in the ground around your home and its foundations can destabilise its base, affect the footings, cause problems with rising damp in your home and encourage pest infestations.

If this happens – or your house floods, or develops problems with wood rot, or sustains termite damage, or some other equally horrific damage caused by insufficient guttering that has caused water pooling – and you make a claim on your house insurance to have the (often substantial) damage repaired, you may find that your insurance company rejects your claim.

Why? Well, it’s up to you to ensure that your guttering meets compliance standards, or you have taken reasonable steps to avoid pest infestations, and if these problems can be traced back to issues with your downpipes that could have (and should have) been fixed, then you are likely to be considered liable for the damage and the cost to repair it.


Your downpipes are at just as much risk of getting clogged with leaf litter and debris as your gutters are. While it may be easy enough for you to grab a ladder and scoop all that junk out of your gutters, sometimes it’s not quite so easy to clean out your downpipes.

If your downpipes become clogged with leaf litter and debris, water can back up and render your gutters ineffective. Your gutters may overflow and pool on the ground around your home or, worse still, may seep into your eaves or flood your roof cavity.


Like other parts of your home’s exterior, your downpipes are subject to weathering and wear and tear. Constant exposure to the elements means they can rust, corrode, or degrade – depending on the material they are constructed from – and they are prone to leaks at joins and bends.

Without proper cleaning and regular maintenance, your downpipes maybe get into rust and leak. If you don’t take action to have them repaired as soon as you notice the problem, you may find that you end up with rust stains down the exterior wall, where rust-laden water has been allowed to run out of rusty holes in your downpipe. This means that you not only have the costs associated with repairing the damaged downpipe, but you also need to consider the cost of removing the unsightly rust stains from your home’s exterior.

Pristine Roof Maintenance can solve your dodgy downpipe dilemmas

Your roof plumbing – your gutters, sumps, and downpipes – requires planning and forethought, so that it functions as a complete, effective, and efficient system. Your guttering needs to be designed with the correct degree of fall, using an appropriate choice of guttering and downpipe material that is properly installed. On top of this, your gutters and downpipes require regular maintenance, to ensure they are clear of debris.

If dodgy downpipe dilemmas are driving you demented, don’t delay! Pristine Roof Maintenance have a solution for just about every downpipe difficulty and, with years of experience in the roof and gutter repair business, we’ve worked on every kind of roof profile, and dealt with all kinds of roofing, guttering,and downpipe materials.

We’ll look at the problem,find a practical solution and work out what’s required to fix it, in next to no time. We can even design a maintenance schedule to suit your gutters and surrounding environment and, if you need help with gutter cleaning and maintenance, we offer reasonably priced service contracts, so you don’t have to deal with digging debris out of your downpipe.

Distinguished downpipe repairs and replacements, Sydney-wide

Don’t disregard your downpipes! Keep them in pristine condition with Pristine Roof Maintenance – Sydney’sspecialists in downpipe repairs and replacement.

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