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If your pointing is looking less than picture perfect and you think your ridge capping might need some love and attention, contact the roofing specialists at Pristine Roof Maintenance. Our team of expert roof repairers can inspect and assess your roof and give you trustworthy advice on the best way to solve your roofing repair riddle… that is, what the problem is, what is really required to fix it – both short and long term, and what your best course of action is.

If all that’s required to fix your roofing problem is to repoint  your ridge capping, our fully qualified and insured team of roofing repairs can return your roof to its former glory with our professional ridge cap repointing  service.

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The Ridge Cap Repointing

Roof tiles on a pitched roof are topped with a curved, or angled, tile where they meet at the top of the roof, creating what is known as the ‘ridge’. These ridge tiles are usually held in place by mortar, which is a combination of cement and sand, or a special pointing compound, which is a flexible adhesive sealant.

Over time the mortar can degrade and crack, allowing the roof tiles to loosen and move. This movement can cause the mortar to fall away from the ridge tiles, creating small holes through which water can enter your roof cavity. Once your roof begins to leak you open yourself up to all kinds of problems within your home: growth of mould and bacteria, wood rot in the frame of your home, pest infestations (termites love moist wood!), unsightly water stains on the ceiling… and more.

Problems with your pointing?

If you’ve noticed that your ridge tiles and pointing are looking a little worse for wear, or your roof has sprung a leak but you’re not sure where the water is coming in, chances are you’re ready for a round of ridge cap repointing.  At the very least, your roof needs a professional inspection and evaluation.

It often takes skill and experience to accurately trace a leak back to its source. You could spend hours trying to find the point at which water is entering your roof, and then more time trying to fix it… only to discover, the next time it rains, that you haven’t found the leak at all. Meanwhile, water is continuing to cause damage to your home, which will only serve to increase repair costs to both your roof and your home’s interior.

Having an experienced roofing professional look at your roof will save you oodles of time and, quite probably, a decent amount of money. How? Well, a properly qualified and licensed roofing specialist has the skills and know-how required to find the source of a leak quickly and confidently and will be able to give you honest and reliable advice on whether the problem can be fixed easily or whether more extensive repairs will be required.

You may need your roof tiles re-bedded, or completely replaced, or it may simply be a case of repointing the ridge capping. While it is possible to try to do the job of repointing yourself, it’s strongly recommended that you contact a roofing repair specialist – they have the tools, the materials, and the know-how required to get the job done quickly and properly, and they have lots of training and experience in working safely at heights.