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If your roof is the cherry on top of your home, you could think of your guttering as the banana in your banana split. It’s what stops all the stuff you put on top from running down the sides and making a mess, it channels the drips to where they need to be – and everyone knows, a good banana can make or break your sundae. You may not realise it, but your roof is often only as good as the guttering that supports it. All that rain, hail, and leaf litter that your roof protects you from needs an efficient and effective way to get off your roof, so it doesn’t cause problems up there. Unfortunately, gutters can often be one of the most neglected parts of many homes. Gutters and downpipes are intended to channel water into your downpipes, to be deposited into your water tank or storm water system. When your gutters become chock full of leaf litter, they can become rusted and leaky, and they can overflow. When your gutters rust through and leak you get rainwater streaming from holes and joins that has the potential to cause water damage at the base of your home.When they overflow you end up with rainwater coursing like Niagara Falls over the lip of your guttering, instead of being funnelled into the downpipes where it belongs.


Box gutters, as their name suggests, are gutters that are ‘boxed in’ to form a concealed channel that doesn’t allow water to flow over the lip of the gutter– if you can’t see your gutter, it’s probably a box gutter. While box gutters are not overly common on the roofs of Sydney homes, they may be present at the join between two roofs, where they channel water from both roof areas into sumps and downpipes.

These kinds of gutters cause the most problems with water intrusion in the roof, ceiling, and walls of your home, because:

  • they may be more difficult to clean leaf litter and debris from, due to their positioning.
  • they don’t always have sufficient overflows and rainwater heads built into them to allow water to drain directly out to external perimeter of the building.
  • they may include internal downpipes that can crack or block up and flood the roof cavity and interior parts of your home – and this kind of damage is far more costly.


A problem we see all too frequently in Sydney homes is incorrect gutter design or installation. This can include:

The most common type of gutters on Sydney homes are eaves gutters. These gutters are fixed to your  home’s eaves (or, for homes that don’t have eaves, along the edge of the roof) and are designed to collect rainwater as it runs off your roof.

Gutter grief getting you down? Pristine Roof Maintenance can help

  • Incorrect fall – this means that the gutters don’t sit at the correct angle to allow water to effectively run toward the sump downpipe.
  • An insufficient number of downpipe outlets.
  • Gutters that are too small for the roof area.
  • Poor choice of guttering material.

The next major gutter problem for Sydney homes is inadequate maintenance. Because gutters are an open channel, they collect airborne dirt and leaf litter along with rain water. If enough leaf litter collects in your gutters it can clog the channel, preventing it from funnelling water into the downpipe and stormwater system.

This can create big problems for you and your home, such as:

  1. Overflow: water flowing over the lip of a gutter can result in significant problems at the base of your home – either in the ground, garden bed or foundations of your home – and may create problems with rising damp.
  2. Water intrusion: water can seep back into the eaves and into the ceiling and walls of your home, which can result in significant problems with water intrusion inside your home and may create problems with water stains, wood rot, and can encourage pest infestation, including termites and wood borers, and growth of mould and bacteria.
  3. Rust and leaks: causing water to pool in your gutter, helping the leaf litter to decompose and resulting in rust and corrosion that damages metal gutters, creating leaks in joins and holes that are not only unsightly but can also cause rust stains on eaves, walls, and concrete directly underneath the hole.

Pristine Roof Maintenance can solve your gutter grief

Whether you have a box gutter or eaves gutters, they require good design, appropriate choice of guttering material, proper installation, and regular maintenance. If your gutters are giving you grief, don’t fret. There are a multitude of ways to solve guttering problems and, with years of experience in the roof and gutter repair business, we’ve worked on every kind of roof profile, all kinds of roofing and guttering materials… we’ve done it all.

We’ll identify the problem and come up with a viable solution, lickety split. Whether that’s installing larger gutters or bigger sumps and downpipes, correcting the fall of your gutter, adding more downpipes, overflow outlets or rainwater heads, or installing or replacing gutter guards.

We can even design a maintenance schedule to suit your gutters and surrounding environment and, if you need help with gutter cleaning and maintenance,we offer reasonably priced service contracts, so you don’t have to deal with cleaning out gutter goop.